Individuals in this course would learn how to:

  • Track business metrics.
  • Generate dashboards.
  • Develop research protocols.
  • Create analytical frameworks.
  • Solutionize tough business problems across verticals.
  • Explore data to find new business patterns and relationships.
  • Apply quantitative techniques.
  • Build statistical models.

Skills you will learn:

  • How to handle large amount of data?
  • Strong quantitative abilities to sort through different types of data.
  • How to transform meaningless data into useful information?
  • Client management skills (soft skills).
  • Interpersonal skills (dealing with wide range of personality types).
  • Personality enhancement (overall positive transformation of the mindset).

Eligibility criteria: Min: Bachelor's Degree in Statistics/ Science/Technology/Mathematics or any other course. Max: Master's Degree in Science/Technology/Statistics/Mathematics or any other course.

At the end of the course, you will:

  • Get best business analytics job.
  • Be able to drive better business decisions.
  • Understand analytical tools.
  • Be able to get industry’s best salary package.
  • Have a robust and positive perspective towards business.
  • Put yourself in charge of your own career.
  • Have great decision making ability.