Campus To Corporate

A fresher from campus can face a big challenge when s/he enters the corporate world; their journey is from assignments and semesters to team work and deadlines. The life of a student is mostly care-free, typically students live their own timings, bunk classes, skip lessons and still make their grades. Their professors are focused on enhancing learning quotient and look at improving their subject matter understanding; they evaluate them on their overall learning ability and implementation to a certain extent. However, in an organizational setting, one is not only expected to be on time, attend meetings, take decisions, but also understand team based working in order to deliver on time within acceptable quality. From a manager’s perspective, there is a constant pressure to deliver and meet deadlines using existing and derived knowledge.
Campus to Corporate transitions needs more attention as they involve a lot of planning. Even though one has high ranks throughout the academic career, once stepped into the world of computers and business, it’s the ability to deploy knowledge that counts and not the grades on the papers.