Individuals in this course would learn how to:

  • Obtain required information from the data entry operators.
  • Plan for the schedule for the day.
  • Allocate work to workers and ensure completion.
  • Solve operational issues.
  • Ensure smooth operations.
  • Track the record timely & systematically.
  • Do & maintain the work reporting.
  • Update and maintain the database on day to day basis.

Skills you will learn:

  • Analytical skills (eye for detail).
  • Cognitive skills (logical thinking).
  • Problem solving (dealing with operational related issues).
  • Communication skills (spoken & written).
  • Email writing skills (internal & external).
  • Interpersonal skills (deal with personnel at all levels of the organization).

Eligibility criteria: Min: Diploma (Any, Engineering, Arts, Commerce). Max: Post-graduate Degree (Any, Engineering, Arts, Commerce).

At the end of the course, you will:

  • Drive industry best practice.
  • Compare option for equipment processes and practice.
  • Understand the rational behind existing methods.
  • Raise work place health and safety standards.
  • Develop leaner more agile supply chains.
  • Understand the financial impacts of employing different storage methods.