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Business Analytics

90% of the world's generate in the last two years .
Data that is too larse & toocomplex for conventional data took to capture, store & analyze .

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Train The Trainer

We have been appointed as an affiliated Training Partner to conduct the Train the Trainer (TTT) program pan India. We are a training partner with NASSCOM

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Cyber Security

Cyber security is a national threat and priority, and about one-third of business houses worldwide have experienced cybercrime, resulting in disruption, and loss of information, brand position and revenue .

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Soft Skills Training

How can you achieve this milestone? People find it very difficult especially who have studied in Hindi /local medium.

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Corporate Training

Our trainers have 25 years of proven track record in the area of turning individual's performance, building competencies and taking organisation to its next level..

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Vocational Training

Vocational training helps in multiple dimension. Individual can choose any of the courses are Skill's Development,

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Campus To Corporate

We believe in creating a concrete foundation of the youth further enabling them to build their own storeys of success.

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Result Oriented:
The overall training was excellent. The competency level of the faculty is worth appreciating. The training was both input driven & outcome based. The evaluation mechanism is one of the key differentiators from all the trainings I have attended till date!
Seema Dhawan

Now I am a certified trainer! Thanks to Navjyoti for conducting the program brilliantly! Undoubtedly, the training was outstanding! I came with a different perspective and going back with a different but clear & robust one!

The training was superb. I thought I knew a lot about the training however post attending the training from Navjyoti, I realized that I am absolutely naïve!
Ajendra Sharma

It was a transformational experience for me. I wish the training period was more than 9 days. I feel bigger, better & bolder now!
Srikanth Setty

The training was impactful as it changed the way I used to look at the things, people & situations. Thank you Navjyoti for helping me define the purpose of my life!
Kiran Rawat

The TTT was an amazing learning experience. The sessions were informative, interactive and impressive. It was an eye opener for me as I learnt multiple techniques of conducting effective training sessions!
Himanshu Joshi

Exceeded Expectations:
The “Train the Trainer” program exceeded my expectation. The time & efforts I had put in, during the training, have been one of the biggest and most important investments of my life. Now, I am looking forward to the results!
Manish Sharma

I have attended many training sessions in my career span of 11 years and I must say that this training was the best of all. I believe that I am a better version of myself – more planned, more prepared & more confident!
Akhil Oberoi

I work in operations however enrolled for this training program with a desire to switch to the training domain. I would like to thank the L&D team of Navjyoti who sealed my thought & my decision to build my career in the training industry. All the sessions of the program were gripping and result-oriented!
Gurpreet Singh Dhillon

Beyond Excellence:
The training has certainly added a feather to my hat. It was, indeed, a privilege for me to go through the training program. I don’t have words to express how motivated I feel post getting certified. Hope I justify my certification!
Vivek Srivastava

I would like to thank Navjyoti’s L&D team for conducting such an effective training session. The trainers left no stone unturned in fostering the participants. It was a wonderful learning experience for me and I would do my best to impart the training with such an unmatched quality!
Anjana Sherpa

I wanted to be a certified trainer and I have become one, now! Having said that, what I also learnt that I will always remain a learner throughout my life! There is so much to learn but the time seems limited!
Shweta Kapoor

Multi-sensory :
Although the training program was of 6 days, I never felt disconnected. I appreciate the various training methodologies that the trainer applied and adjusted as per the need of the participants. It was indeed, one quality training I have attended in my life which I will always remember & cherish!
Fatima Qureshi

While I thought I was a reservoir of knowledge however that has come out to be a myth which I busted here. I have become all the more inquisitive and look forward to augment my technical competency & professional practice!
Karishma Tanwar

After going through the “Train the Trainer” program, I can vouch that it is a mandatory training for all the aspiring trainers, fresher or seasoned! It is a life changing training that one must attend to boost their career and their life!
Krishankant Sharma


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