Individuals in this course would learn how to:

  • Perform transnational activities (company policies, practices & procedures).
  • Design and develop employee benefits schemes.
  • Update and maintain employee database.
  • Execute payroll, compensation, benefits, etc.
  • Administer wage & salary of the employees.
  • Manage day-to-day issues and queries of the office.
  • Conduct department wise forums to address disputes & provide solutions.

Skills you will learn:

  • Communication skills (spoken & written).
  • Collaboration (work collaboratively in teams).
  • Decision making skills (doing the right thing at the right time without ambiguity).
  • Interpersonal skills (deal with personnel at all levels of the organization).
  • Analysis of operations.
  • Manpower planning and hiring candidates.
  • Selection of candidates and training new employees.
  • Performance evaluation of employees.
  • Training and development of managers.
  • Company data security, occupational safety, and health & peer relations.

Eligibility criteria: Min: Bachelor's Degree in Human Resources/General Management or graduate in any discipline. Max: Master's Degree in Human Resources/General Management.

At the end of the course, you will:

  • Have better career opportunities.
  • Be able to help company with budget control.
  • Be able to maintain and update process, policies & payroll of the company.
  • Be able to identify the best resource for the company.
  • Be able to drive employee satisfaction and retention.
  • Be able to resolve conflicts at work.
  • Be able to work in a structured way.
  • Have a changed and positive perspective towards people.
  • Have great problem solving & decision making ability.
  • Be able to initiate, build and win conversations with people around.